Dozens Missing After Virginia Flash Floods

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin declared a state of emergency on Wednesday in the wake of a devastating flood in Buchanan County that damaged or destroyed more than 100 homes and left dozens missing. Click here to join Todd’s private Facebook page for conservatives.

“We are deeply saddened to learn that another flood has impacted a community still recovering from last year’s flood,” Governor Glenn Youngkin said. “While rescue and recovery continue, please join me in prayer as we lift up our fellow Virginians impacted by this tragedy.”

Roads and bridges were washed out and landslides also blocked access to key roads, Billy Chimes of the Virginia Department of Emergency Management told CNN.

Deana Kimbrough told WCYB her family gathered at her house when the flooding started.

“We said if it got any higher that we were just going to start heading up in the mountains to try to get safe, but luckily, thank God, we didn’t have to.”

Billy Chrimes, a search and rescue specialist, said told The New York Times that the effects of the flooding were causing delays in checking on people and rescuing them.

“A lot of roadways are blocked by landslides, bridges, the approaches to those bridges are washed out,” Chrimes said at the news conference. “It’s going to take time for that access to be restored, make contact with everyone and make sure they have their basic needs taken care of.”