‘FLIGHT 93 CRAB DIP’ – Country Club Apologizes for Serving 9-11 Themed Meal

The “Freedom Flounder” turned out to be a flop at a country club restaurant in Manassas, Virginia.

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The manager of “The Clubhouse at Aquia Harbour” apologized for a dinner menu themed after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The menu included “Pentagon Pie,” “First Responder Flatbread,” and “Freedom Flounder.”

Was the 9-11 Themed Menu Offensive?

The restaurant even offered a “Never Forget Sampler” that included two cups of “2977 Chowder,” “Flight 93 Redirect Crab Dip” and two “Remember-tini Cocktails.”

The country club faced an almost immediate backlash.

The menu quickly faced backlash on social media, with one Twitter user calling the promotion “appalling.”

Clubhouse manager George White issued a mea culpa saying, “I apologize for those I offended with the 9/11 seafood Sunday post.”

“My intention was to bring attention to that horrific day 21 years ago. To honor those who lost so much as well [as] those who gave everything that day,” he said. “We will have a new theme tomorrow.”