FRUIT CAKE: TikTok Promoting ‘Cake Gender’ People

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For the record there are two genders – male and female. Both made in the image of God.

And there are 70 or 80 others made in the image of social media. 

The latest make-believe identity is something called “cake gender.”

Will God Save America?

It’s all the rage on TikTok. 

A person who identifies as “cake gender” feels light, fluffy and sweet. In contrast to someone who is described as masculine, feminine or androgynous, according to a video that was posted on the Libs of TikTok page.

“For example cake gender, um, I know a few people who personally use this,” the unidentified TikTocker explained. “It’s typically described as them feeling light” as well as “fluffy, or sweet” as well as “warm,” the person said, adding that the concept generally cannot be described using words such as “masculine, feminine, androgynous, etcetera. Another example of cake gender would be if someone feels if they have different layers or flavors to their particular gender.”

I’m not the best person to offer analysis on cakesexuals. Until recently, I assumed pansexuals had an unnatural affinity to cast iron skillets.

So I’m not sure if the cake gender is a single variant or if there are many others. What happens if people identify as a sheet cake or upside down cake, or (dare I ask) a fruit cake?

This is what happens when you reject the Bible’s teachings on absolute truth. You get chaos in the culture. 

That’s why an Alabama man married his MacBook computer.  That’s why so-called eco-sexuals are making out with trees and potted plants. 

And that’s why a segment of our population identifies as a cupcake. 

We don’t have a diversity problem in America. We have a mental health problem. 

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