‘Huge Disparity’: College Campuses Continue to Shun Conservative Speakers

A new survey finds universities continue to shut out conservative speakers on campus by a large margin.

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Are college campuses anti-conservative?

Young America’s Foundation (YAF) looked at the top 100 national universities as ranked by the U.S. News and World Report.

A total of 53 liberal speakers were invited to give commencement addresses compared to just three conservatives.

“That obviously shows a huge disparity there in the number of conservative voices,” says Kara Zupkus, YAF spokeswoman.

This is the 30th year that YAF has issued a report on commencement season speakers.

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“People like Joe Biden, Taylor Swift, Samantha Power, Bob Woodward, you name it, they’re probably speaking at a commencement ceremony near you,” says Zupkus. “Conservative voices like Glenn Youngkin and Tim Tebow were only invited to speak at three commencement ceremonies, which is mind-boggling.”

Zupkus thinks a lot of schools “bow to the mob” and avoid inviting conservative speakers because they are “scared that these students are going to walk out or stage a protest.”