Baltimore Bridge Collapse Catastrophic; Search for Survivors Continues

UPDATE: Investigative journalist Lara Logan says sources tell her the Baltimore bridge collapse was the result of a cyber attack. Click here to read my brand new book on the clear and present danger posed by terrorists crossing the southern border.

‘Welcome to the world of cyber terrorism,” she wrote on X. “The Baltimore bridge collapse was a 9/11 style attack but they won’t admit it and we cannot see it because it was a CYBER ATTACK. All the SCADA systems that run our critical infrastructure like sewage, electric grid, shipping etc are all wide open systems with no encryption because it is too expensive. They can shut us down anytime they want.”

The cargo ship issued a mayday call before the collision which allowed officials to stop cars and try to evacuate the bridge, The New York Times reports.

The FBI says they are investigating the incident, but the Maryland governor said there is no credible information that the collapse was the result of terrorism.

DEVELOPING STORY: The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed early Tuesday morning in Baltimore after it was struck by ship. There were a number of cars and trucks on the bridge at the time of the collapse. At least 20 people are believed to be in the Patapsco River. Watch video of the collapse below and click here to get Todd’s breaking news alerts.

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore has declared a state of emergency. The working theory is the ship lost power before striking the structure. Click here to read my brand new book on the clear and present danger posed by terrorists crossing the southern border.

CNN reported that that the Baltimore City Fire Department’s communications director, Kevin Cartwright, said as many as 20 people and multiple vehicles were in the water.

Earlier, the department told CBS News that at about 1:30 a.m., 911 calls started coming in saying a vessel had hit a bridge column. It was unclear how many vehicles were on the span but “there was surely a large tractor-trailer” on it. 

“There are at least seven people” in the river and “the dive and rescue team has arrived on scene to locate the individuals.”

The department described the collapse as “a mass casualty event.”

The Coast Guard said it has “multiple response units deployed for active search and rescue as there are reports of vehicles in the water.” There was no word on any fatalities.

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Cartwright told The Associated Press it was a “dire emergency” and some cargo was apparently dangling from the bridge.

The department said on its scanner that there was lots of diesel fuel in the water around the ship and that there were construction workers on the bridge pouring concrete at the time.

A Baltimore police spokesperson told CBS News there was a “partial bridge collapse, with workers possibly in the water.”

The MidAtlantic Coast Guard told CBS News the 948-foot Singapore-flagged cargo ship Dali had struck the bridge. It was apparently en route from Baltimore to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The Maryland Transportation Authority said all lanes were closed in both directions for an incident on I-695 Key Bridge and later posted that traffic was being detoured to I-95 and I-895.

The Patapsco River, which the bridge crossed, is a key waterway that serves with the Port of Baltimore as a hub for East Coast shipping.

With reporting from news partners at KWAM/CBS News

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