Memphis Museum Mocks Catholics

Drag queens dressed up like Catholic nuns serving cocktails is the latest exhibit coming to the Museum of Science and History (MoSH).

Do drag shows belong at museums?

The Pink Palace is hosting an event called “Cocktails and Chemistry” with the Blue Suede Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of guys dressing up like nuns.

“MoSH in collaboration with the Blue Suede Sisters invite you to a one-of-a-kind night of shenanigans that combines cocktails, drag nuns, and science experiments,” the museum wrote on its website.

The self-described “clown drag nuns” state their mission is to spread “universal joy and expiate stigmatic guilt” by using “irreverent humor and self-expression, make-up, dresses, heels, and rubber chickens covered in glitter.”

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This event is for adults only, unlike the upcoming controversial “family-friendly” drag show, which is the place where children under the age of 18 can attend a drag show.

The group of faux nuns made an appearance earlier this year for “Kink Night” at a Memphis gay nightclub. (Photo below contains EXPLICIT words and images).

“What are they smoking at the Museum of Science and History?” asked KWAM NewsTalk Memphis host Todd Starnes. “Mocking Catholic nuns is a dangerous business. Those ladies come armed with rulers.”

SEE VIDEO: Meet the unmasked men behind Blue Suede Sisters.

“Maybe the people running the museum are pagans? Or perverts? Or maybe they’re just a bunch of woke, perpetually offended, pronoun confused soy boys.” Starnes added.

The museum is already facing backlash from parents after announcing it’s hosting a “family-friendly” drag show.


“What does this have to do with science or history?” one social media user wondered.

Moms For Liberty slammed the Pink Palance Tuesday on “Wake Up Memphis,” saying “family-friendly” drag shows is an oxymoron and it should be criminal.

This story originally appeared on mighty990.com.

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