Mom Says 5th Grader ‘Permanently Kicked Out’ of School for Not Wearing Mask

A Virginia mom said her son was “permanently kicked out” of an elementary school in Loudoun County for refusing to wear a mask.

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Megan Rafalski was sobbing as she told WMAL DC how her son was “strong armed and intimidated by his principal” this morning.

“I don’t know where else to turn at this point, other than to plead with people out there to stand up, because this is going to continue until we stand together and we start to make change,” Rafalski told the outlet.

She later told The Daily Wire her fifth-grader was kicked out of Banneker Elementary Monday.

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“My son right now is sitting in the principal’s office,” she said in the morning. “We have a special exception to go to the school we’re at so my son can go to the school with the kids he started with. They’re now telling me his exception is being rescinded for disciplinary reasons. For a one-time incident. He’s never been in trouble before,” she said.

Rafalski said she has been waiting for months for a phone call from Superintendent Scott Zeigler to discuss the mask issue.

The Virginia schools are defying an executive order from Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) that went into effect this week.