Moms: Fisher-Price Trying to ‘Groom’ Kids With New Drag Dolls

After Fisher-Price’s announcement of the drag-inspired “Little People Collection,” the “One Million Moms” organization has taken a stand against this new attempt of the neutralization of gender characteristics.

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Should little kids be exposed to Drag dolls?

Monica Cole, director of the American Family Association’s One Million Moms, came out strong against the dolls on the Todd Starnes Show saying this is just another attempt by the left to push their agenda on the next generation.

“They have introduced a RuPaul figure set that includes three of the little people dolls in a set for children to have in their playroom,” Cole said. “Which, I’m assuming, Fisher-Price is just hoping to indoctrinate these young children as young as toddler and pre-school age just to blur the gender lines and to desensitize children to this type of drag queen lifestyle.”

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The controversial doll set includes three different toys each with their own flamboyant outfits. Two of them include RuPaul in drag and the third has him out of drag but in a splashy-colored suit.

Typically coming out in sets from popular tv shows like The Office and The Golden Girls, the Little People Collection’s new spin on the children’s toy is nothing short of outrageous for Cole as she says this will only make children more confused.

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“These children, I can’t imagine going down the toy store aisles and seeing this and how confusing that would be and asking their parents, ‘what’s this?'” Cole said. “I just was shocked because I can’t believe Fisher-Price is trying to groom children, especially this young of children.”

Cole’s petition urging Fisher-Price to “discontinue” the RuPaul doll has garnered over 14,660 signers.

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