Nevada Rangers to Tree Huggers: Get Off Our Roads

Climate change radicals were arrested at gunpoint for blocking a Nevada roadway and “trespassing on tribal land,” the New York Post reports.

Footage of the arrest is going viral on social media.

The activists from Seven Circles blocked the road into Burning Man with a trailer that they locked themselves onto with banners reading “General Strike for Climate” and “Abolish Capitalism.”

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“I’m gonna take all of you out. You better move,” the officer said over a loudspeaker after plowing through the trailer.

“We’re not violent!” one of the radicals chained to the trailer screamed.

The ranger pulled a gun and shouted, “Get down now. On the ground! All of you on the ground now! Don’t move!”

He assisted one of the activists who refused to get down.

“We have no weapons at all,” one of the activists pleaded. “We’re environmental protesters! Please! He’s hurting her!”

“She was just standing here! What the fuck?” one of the activists said, wearing a “Climate Justice Now” hard hat.

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The rangers were celebrated on social media for enacting justice against the activists who regularly do similar illegal stunts in Europe.

“This type of justice is how it should be done. Their protests should not disrupt the daily activities of law-abiding citizens going to work, the doctor’s office, or any other daily activity,” Christine Beach wrote on X.

“He gave them fair warning,” another person said.

“USA! USA! USA!” another added.

“I love my state,” one user wrote.

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