New Orleans Mayor Caught Unmasked at Mardi Gras Bash

The mayor of New Orleans was caught unmasked indoors during an indoor Mardi Gras celebration. To be unmasked during Mardi Gras is a bit of a no-no, but to be unmasked during the China Virus pandemic is a big no-no.


And it’s also against city regulations.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell is facing a firestorm of criticism after she was videoed at the Mayor’s Mardi Gras Ball. The video, posted to social media, showed the mayor singing karaoke and having a grand old time without a face mask.

Time to Punish Dems Over Mask Mandates?

“We are furious to see our so-called city leaders violating their own mask mandate all through the carnival season while demanding that ordinary citizens and children remain masked,” attorneyLaura Cannizzaro Rodrigue told television station WVUE. “The hypocrisy and privilege will no longer be tolerated. The silence from our state legislature is deafening. We see you, and we are coming for you.”

Several weeks ago Cantrell reinstated the Big Easy’s mask mandate for schools and indoor public spaces.

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“While we did not see perfect adoption of the guidelines in every instance over the weekend, we were encouraged overall by the level of masking and vigilance we saw on the parade route and at ball events,” a city hall spokesman told the Times-Picayune.

The newspaper also reported that a number of elected leaders, mostly Democrats, were also spotted at the Mardi Gras festivities unmasked.

“I’ll take my lumps and say that I should have taken the picture with my mask on. I’ll just leave it at that,” council member Eugene Green told the newspaper. “I was enthusiastic about taking a photo with our council president.”

Gilbert Montano, the city’s chief administrative officer, was also spotted barefaced — but he defended his hypocritical behavior to television station WVUE.

“I absolutely don’t disagree that it’s an important mandate that we are trying to move forward, but the fact that there was also a [vaccine] checkpoint and food on every one of the floors, as well as drink, does speak to maybe some of those photos,” he said. “And frankly, some of the pictures you see, it’s hard to smile with your mask on, but I don’t want it to seem like the mayor doesn’t have it as a priority.”

It is indeed difficult to see someone smile through a face mask. But the people of New Orleans clearly saw their elected leaders giving them the middle finger. Rules for thee, not for me.