‘OH MY GOD! RUN! RUN! RUN!’ Watch Moment Tornado Touches Down Outside Texas Walmart

DEVELOPING STORY: Video captured the insane and terrifying moments when a tornado touched down in a Walmart parking lot. The video, which you can watch above, shows cars being flipped over and debris flung into the air. Click here to sign up for Todd’s daily newsletter – your exclusive source for conservative news!

“Get inside, Get inside,” someone screams. “Run! Run! Run! Run! Run!”

Motorists abandoned their vehicles and ran inside the store as others urged them “get away from the windows.”

CBS News in Austin reports that a van, pictured below, was tossed 400 feet by the tornado. The driver was one of the survivors who found safety in the Walmart.

The video was posted by a Twitter user named “AtomicSteel.”

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