Parents Upset School Put Kids Through Woke ‘Segregation Experiment’

Fifth-graders at a Texas school were left in tears after being segregated by the color of their hair and berated by their teacher.

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Parents are outraged they were not made aware of the “anti-racism” lesson at Leon Springs Elementary until after the fact.

Is it ok to segregate kids in public schools?

“All of the dark-haired kids, the brown- and black-haired kids, were treated as the privileged ones and the blonde-haired and the redhead kids were the ones treated not so nicely,” Brandi Lininger, the mom of a 10-year-old girl in the class, told News 4 San Antonio.

Teachers told the light-haired students they were not as intelligent and they were given a game with missing pieces so they wouldn’t be able to play. Then they had to clean up after the other group to show to learn about “privilege.”

After the kids were subjected to harassment, abuse, and then shown a graphic Spike Lee documentary called “4 Little Girls” that included images of murdered black children, which the Northside Independent School District admitted was “not age-appropriate.”

“The activity and video in question were part of a larger fifth-grade project-based lesson around the inequity of segregation,” the district said in a statement. “While the campus did receive positive feedback from several parents . . . District and campus administration recognize the parent’s concerns and agree that the activity and video are not age-appropriate and will not be used again.”

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