Patriotic Homeowners Tell HOA ‘NO’ to Taking Down American, Army Flags

A Huntsville, Alabama family is standing their ground against the Homeowners Association over whether they can fly their American and Army flags in their front yard.

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Is the HOA wrong to tell a family to take down the American flag?

The Hudnell family put up the patriotic display in July after several attempts to get approval for the flag pole, however, six weeks later the HOA asked them to tear it down.

“No flagpoles other than those mounted on the home or no longer than four feet are permitted. Immediately upon receipt of this notice, please remove the flagpole,” the HOA said in a letter.

The only exception is written consent, but the family is defying regardless.

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“No,” Dr. Jill Hudnell told Fox News. “This is going to stay right where it’s at because my family is military, and this is a representation of how I feel about their service.”

Mrs. Hudnell’s father was a Marine who lost a leg in the Vietnam War, her brother served in the Navy, her husband served in the Army, and her father-in-law and brothers-in-law had military careers.

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“So this flag means a lot,” Hudnell told “Fox & Friends First”. “Not only do we have Old Glory hanging from that flagpole, but we also have the Army flag, because that is a representation of my husband.”

Anthony Hundell reiterated what his wife said for the deep meaning for their family.

“Just to ride home, see a flag out front that represents what you stood for both as a public servant and in the military as well,” he told WAAY 31 News.

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HOA responded to the family Wednesday, saying it could take up to 30 days to review and respond to their request.

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