Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Putting ‘I Did That!’ Biden Stickers on Gas Pumps

Rising fuel prices have been a source of frustration for many Americans this year; and for some, they’ve already reached a boiling point.

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On March 31, Pennsylvania police arrested a man who had allegedly been caught slapping anti-Joe Biden stickers onto gas pumps.

According to Lancaster Online, Thomas Richard Glazewski placed the Biden-related stickers on the pumps at a Turkey Hill gas station and then had an ugly encounter with police, when directly confronted.

“This guy stuck stickers on a gas pump, got yelled at by a clerk for doing so and went crazy afterwards,” wrote Aaron Philips, who recorded the incident and subsequently shared it on Facebook.

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Glazewski was heard yelling a vulgarity in the video, while flailing his arms at police. The 54-year-old from Manor Township then ran toward a pump, screaming, “I did that! That’s what I did!”

Glazewski’s boast essentially mimicked the stickers mocking President Joe Biden for his supposed role in the U.S. experiencing a 40-year-high with inflation … which affects gas prices, as well.

The assailant then ran across the gas station parking lot and was tackled and handcuffed by an officer. At the incident’s peak, three cops tried to shove Glazewski into the back seat of a patrol car, where he allegedly kicked two officers, according to the New York Post.

Lancaster Online reports Glazewski was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, harassment, and criminal mischief. Continue reading at Newsmax.

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