RACIST: Black Activists Attack ‘White Tears’ of Pro-Police Citizens

One far-left activist called the white citizens “Blue Lives Matter Bootlicker Karens.”

National radio host Todd Starnes slammed Black Lives Matter activists in Memphis for “verbally attacking white citizens because of the color of their skin” at a city council meeting.

Things got ugly at a Memphis city hall meeting Tuesday when a group of BLM activists hurled racial slurs at citizens concerned about crime.

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Is BLM racist?

The city council meeting drew a massive crowd as council members reviewed six police reform ordinances following the fatal beating of Tyre Nichols by five Memphis Police Department (MPD) officers.

Proponents of ordinances believe that there is a culture of racism within the MPD, some were even calling for the entire department to be abolished.

On the other side, pro-police citizens worry that passing the measures will add more red tape to policing, which could hinder recruiting and retention. And with the already massive police shortage in the city, it will lead to even more crime.

Missy Rainer, the aunt of the Rhodes College student shot and killed during a home invasion last year, pleaded with the council to hire more officers.

Following her emotional remarks, one radical activist said they don’t care about “white tears.”

“I’m not going to bow down to the fears of white people that don’t have to worry about the same things I have to worry about when I’m being pulled over by police,” the activist yelled, while pointing to white community members behind her. “I’m not gonna sit up hear and listen to their white tears and their ignorance.”

Social media users were quick to condemn the blatant racist attacks.

“Ridiculous! If that had been a white person saying that crap, y’all would be trying to ruin their lives,” one person wrote on KWAM’s Stop Memphis Crime page.

“If racist had a face,” wrote another.

One far-left activist called the white citizens “Blue Lives Matter Bootlicker Karens.”

Starnes, KWAM station owner, blasted the activist, writing “Black citizens are literally verbally attacking white citizens because of the color of their skin at the Memphis City Council.”

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KWAM’s Ben Deeter contributed to this report.

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