REP. PAT FALLON (R-TX): It’s a Full Scale Invasion

As Biden continues to ignore his responsibility as President, illegal immigrants are bringing enough fentanyl across the border to kill every American multiple times over, Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) told the Todd Starnes Show.

TODD STARNES: Let’s go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Great to have with us, from the great state of Texas, Congressman Pat Fallon. Congressman, welcome back.

REP. PAT FALLON (R-TX): Todd Starnes, you are a great American. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.

STARNES: Well, thank you. Thank you, Congressman. Appreciate that. First, before we get to the border situation, how big of a deal is it that the congressional race down along the border, the Rio Grande, first time in 150 years that a Republican will be representing that district in Congress. How big of a deal is that?

FALLON: Todd, It’s seismic, and I’m very proud to share with you that I was the first member of Congress to endorse Maya Flores. She is a wonderful candidate. Her husband’s a Border Patrol agent, and people down there are tired of the chaos, the corruption, the crime, and the cartels. And they voiced their displeasure, and they elected a great member of Congress.

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STARNES: And I think it’s fascinating the numbers of Hispanics that are flocking to the Republican Party, especially in Texas. Why is that? What is it that you guys are doing that’s attracting Hispanic Americans?

FALLON: Well, you know, Texas is a success story. We know that we gained two more electoral votes while California lost one for the first time in their history because we value freedom, liberty, prosperity, opportunity, limited government, low taxes, reasonable regulation. I mean, Todd, people do not move to Texas for our Majestic Mountain Vistas or our refreshingly cool August afternoon. They’re coming here because there’s opportunity here and there’s prosperity. And so that’s one thing. But the second thing is the folks along the border particularly are on the frontlines of this catastrophe and they’re tired of it. And there’s a lot of corruption and the cartels do have, you know, an influence. And they’re controlling our southern border. So they’re looking for an alternative. They’re looking for a party that will put their interests first, that will put America’s interests first. And that is clearly not the Socialist Party.

STARNES: Congressman, we’ve been looking at the border crisis. And there have just been some stunning, stunning photographs and videos coming from DHS choppers along the border. It looks like there’s a full-scale invasion underway.

FALLON: There’s no doubt about it. And I would declare an invasion because that’s what’s happening. So let’s talk some stats real quickly. Todd, 2.6 million people have been apprehended along the southern border. In Joe Biden’s year and a half in office, 700,000 getaways, according to the Border Patrol. So that’s 3.3 million people, which is a total greater than 20 states. Last month, in April, the last month we have data for, 234,000 illegal, the worst on record. And the press, the mainstream media, won’t talk about it because it doesn’t fit into their worldview. Now, to put it in context for your listeners, that’s, well, 168% higher than the last April President Trump was in office, which was in 2020. Of course, we’ve had 14 straight months in a row of over 150,000 illegals crossing. And get this, 340,000 pounds of illegal narcotics have been seized just on the border, and 5,300 pounds of fentanyl, which is enough to kill every American seven times over. This is what’s going on. That’s why they want to ignore it. And Joe Biden has abdicated his responsibilities and it’s a gross dereliction to do it.

STARNES: It’s just unbelievable. And we’ve got these videos up on our website. Folks, you got to check this. It’s just shocking when you see from the air, the magnitude of the invasion. Congressman, we know that the governor of Texas has been sending a lot of these illegals, busing them to Washington D.C. What is that like? I mean, you’re in Washington. Are you guys seeing the illegals being dumped off? And where are they?

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FALLON: That’s a great question. I’ve been seeing the news reports all over, of course. But you know what? We should be also sending them to Nancy Pelosi’s House, Joe Biden’s beach house in Delaware, and to Chuck Schumer’s house up in New York. If the liberals are so hell-bent on having a de facto open border and they can house them in their personal home if they care so much, if they have so much more virtue, you know, and empathy than conservatives, because that’s their claim. Then step up and do it yourself instead of having someone else foot the bill. Illegal immigration does not strengthen our country it weakens it. Legal migration strengthens the country. When people go through a process and they respect the laws and the rules of the country they want to become a part of. But allowing them to cut the line so those good people. By the way, there are 3.8 million people across the world who didn’t come to this country legally, 95% of them are people of color. So when the left injects race into this argument it’s absurd and ludicrous and we need to know our facts and we can throw it back in the face and, you know, tell people the truth.

STARNES: Well, they don’t count, Congressman. I mean, we should all know that by now. If you’re coming to the country legally, if you actually have something to offer to make America great, you’re not welcome here. You got to go to the back of the line when it comes to the Democrats.

Should Biden do more to protect the border?

FALLON: Yeah. Because those people that come here legally, they’re not going to be Democratic voters. And the Democrats know that they don’t, you know, cater their policies to them. When you can come here and you have, you know, language proficiency, any of a skill that you can contribute, you’re going to earn plenty of money and you’re going to and you’re going to be prosperous and you’re going to be able to raise your family and live the American dream. The Socialist Democratic Party is not for you, the Republican Party is. That’s why Democrats always try to focus more on illegal migration and call them asylum seekers. And we all know they’re economic migrants.

STARNES: No doubt about it. On the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line, our good friend, Congressman Pat Fallon, representing the fourth Congressional District. Congressman, what are you hearing among your constituents about inflation? Are people suffering and how are they making it through this?

FALLON: You know, Todd, we just had a telephone call from Washington last night. It was 3,000 people on the line. And we did a poll and we asked them, what’s the most concerning issue for them? And usually, in Texas, it’s the border. It wasn’t. It was the economy and inflation by far, by runaway. I mean, we’re seeing Americans, the average American family of five, they’re going to make $5,000 less in real wages this year because of inflation. It’s a tax on everything we purchase that we buy and that we need. Joe Biden has declared, as you know and talked about on your show, an absolute assault on the American energy sector, which is absurd and stupid, because then what happens is it’s harder for them to produce, and then things are going to cost more. And of course, we’ve seen that the average price of gas yesterday was $5.50, the highest on record. So they’re very concerned and they’re begging me. You know, I hear all the time, they’re begging, please do something about it. Get gas prices down. We can’t afford fuel and food and pay the mortgage.

STARNES: That’s a fair point. And we’re hearing that all over America on this radio program. I mean, people are just they’re fed up, they’re disgusted. And I really do think this is going to be a good thing for Republicans in the midterm elections. Congressman, we’re going to have to leave it there. Always great to have you on the show, sir.

FALLON: Thanks, Todd. It’s going to be a red, not wave, but a red tsunami come November.

STARNES: I believe it. I do.

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