REPORT: Author Salman Rushdie Stabbed On Stage in NY

UPDATE: New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) spoke about the incident, noting that Salman Rushdie is “alive” and being treated at a local hospital.

Novelist Salman Rushdie, who has death threats from Iran, was allegedly stabbed on stage Friday in Chautauqua, New York.

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A man stormed the Chautauqua Institution stage and attacked Rushdie, an Associated Press reporter said.

The suspect was restrained and Rushdie was on the floor. The audience was immediately evacuated, according to AP.

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Video of the attack was posted on social media.

“The Satanic Verses” author has had his books banned in Iran since the 1980s, where there is a $3 million reward for anyone who kills Rushdie. Muslims consider his work blasphemous.

“Just witnessed the horrific assassination attempt on #SalmanRushdie’s life. He was stabbed multiple times before attacker was subdued by security,” author Carl Levan tweeted shortly after the stabbing. “Some intrepid members of audience went on stage. What courage will be expected of us next to defend even the smallest freedoms?”

The suspect was detained by police and Rushdie was able to walk away with assistance, journalist Ryan Kelly tweeted.

Footage posted on Twitter shows Rushdie being loaded onto a State MedEvac. Rushdie’s condition is unknown.

“The fatwa against Rushdie has never been revoked,” Ben Shapiro said. “If this is tied to Iran, it demonstrates once again that American attempts to woo the ayatollahs are an act of supreme idiocy.”

This is a developing story.

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