Satanists Claim They’re Entitled to Abortion as Religious Rite

‘We will take steps to ensure our members do not have to endure hindrances’

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday overturned Roe v. Wade, the faulty 1973 decision that created a “right” to abortion and inserted it into the Constitution.


But that doesn’t mean there’s no more abortion, it just means states will be allowed to regulate it through their legislatures, and elections.

But one group claims to be exempted from all of those rules.

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The Satanic Temple issued a statement after the court ruling was release insisting that it is recognized by the IRS “as a religion,” and since it considers abortion a religious “ritual,” those procedures must be allowed under federal law.

“TST members should be permitted a religious exception to perform TST’s religious abortion ritual,” the organization stated.

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“In states that continue to provide abortion services, we will take steps, including legal action, to ensure our members do not have to endure hindrances to access,” the organization said in a statement.

“That includes waiting periods and unnecessary medical procedures. In addition, we will continue to demand that states do not require medical practitioners to withhold medical information or that patients are not forced to bury or cremate fetal remains.

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“Lastly, in states that require mandatory abortion counseling documents, we will be providing our own counseling, which we are demanding be recognized by states as a valid alternative.”

It cited the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which requires the government to operate in a way that least burdens religious practices in its operations.

“We will have to sue those states to affirm our civil rights, but the law is clearly on our side. States that outlaw abortion and do not grant exceptions present more significant challenges,” the group said.

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The group said it first will be suing the Food and Drug Administration for unrestricted access to abortion drugs.

And the Temple said it is researching the possibility of setting up its own “religious abortion facilities.”

WND previously has reported on the Satanic Temple’s strategy of viewing abortion as a ritual.

At Gateway Pundit, a commentary earlier said, “Choose your side – The Satanic Temple joined Democrats in their battle against the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade.”

WND had reported in 2020 that the Satanic Temple claimed “killing an unborn baby in an abortion is a religious ritual similar to communion or baptism for Christians.”

The organization earlier said it was exempt from laws regarding the handling of fetal remains, because of its religious status.

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