School District Sees MASSIVE Spike in Gender-Nonconforming Students in Just Two Years

A Maryland public school district saw a 582% increase in students who identify as gender nonconforming in just two years, according to internal data.


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The statistics showing the sharp rise in students with gender identity issues were posted to a Montgomery County Public School District (MCPS) teacher’s Twitter account.

The numbers were gathered from forms school counselors fill out when a student expresses gender identity concerns in the school.

Elicia Eberhart-Bliss, a teacher in the district, posted pictures of the data showing the increase on Twitter after the district’s “Pride ALLiance” event.

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“An amazing kickoff event for the first in-person MCPS Pride ALLiance meeting!” Eberhart-Bliss said in her post. “QO was proud to host this opportunity to share glows and grows for LGBTQ+ students and staff.”

The data show that in the 2019-2020 school year 35 students expressed gender nonconformity to a school counselor. Four of the students were in elementary school, 19 were in middle school, and 12 were in high school.

Just two years later in the 2021-2022 school year, a startling 239 students expressed gender nonconformity: 18 of them were in elementary school. 129 were in middle school, and 92 of them were high school students.

Christopher Cram, the MCPS spokesperson, discounted the importance of the increase to the Daily Caller, saying the numbers are inaccurate because they are gathered only when students self-report.

“A full accounting of students who may identify as LGBTQ+ or gender nonconforming is impossible to know,” Cram said to the Caller. “This information is covered by privacy rules and is only collected if a student offers that information to a counselor. Therefore a percentage ‘of’ or ‘rise’ cannot be determined to be considered accurate in any way.”

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Bethany Mandel, a concerned MCPS mom called the increasing number of students with gender identity issues a nationwide problem.

“This isn’t data that the outside world has seen before; it was accidentally shared and is incredibly illuminating,” Mandel told the Daily Caller. “There is a clear explosion of gender-confused children year-over-year, and it’s clear the majority of those are legitimately children, middle school and below. This isn’t just a Montgomery County problem, it’s nationwide; we were just able to get a glimpse of the data here.”

According to the MCPS guidelines for responding to gender-nonconforming students, educators and counselors are prohibited from informing parents of their child’s in-school gender identity without the student’s consent.

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