STARNES: Don’t Be Shocked if Biden’s ‘Second Pandemic’ Happens Just Before Midterms

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President Biden raised eyebrows when he announced that he needs more money for a second pandemic. He literally said there is going to be another pandemic. 

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“We don’t just need more money for vaccines for children, eventually; we need more money to plan for the second pandemic,” Biden told reporters in the White House. “There’s going to be another pandemic. We have to think ahead. And that’s not something the last outfit did very well. That’s something we’ve been doing fairly well. That’s why we need the money.”

Now, back before the television networks hired interns fresh out of college to work at the White House, a seasoned reporter would’ve asked a follow up question. 

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How, exactly, Mr. President, do you know there is going to be a second pandemic?

Since the start of the first pandemic – I’ve been asking questions – a lot of questions.

Big Media told us hospitals were filled to overflowing in New York City. When I provided video and photographic evidence to the contrary I was labeled a conspiracy theorist.

When I raised questions about the growing number of perfectly healthy people who developed heart conditions after being administered the China Virus vaccine, I was called a liar.

When I noted that the China Virus originated in China and that it was possible the Chinese were using the virus as a weapon, I was called xenophobic.

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And when I pointed out that masks did not provide protection against the spread of the virus, I was called a science denier.

Those who dare to question the government’s and the media’s narrative are treated like pariahs. 

In recent days, for example, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of healthy young people dropping dead. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

Will Dems sabotage the midterms by announcing a second pandemic?

Young athletes in the prime of life – dropping dead on the playing field – or suffering heart related problems. 

Now the Facebook fact checkers and Big Media say there’s absolutely no connection between the deaths of perfectly health young people and the vaccine that was shoved into their veins.

It’s just a coincidence. That’s what they want you to believe.

Well, don’t be surprised if the White House says the same thing around election time when Biden’s “second pandemic” suddenly becomes a national health emergency — just before the midterm elections. 

It’s the only possible way for the Democrats to save themselves from what is expected to be catastrophic elections. And what better way to force people to mail in ballots than by concocting a fake pandemic?

Or as Big Media prefers to call it, “just another coincidence.”

Todd’s new book makes an important addition to your library — Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation. Available right now at ToddStarnes.com.

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