STARNES: It Was a Trump Judge Who Liberated Americans

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The following is a transcript of Todd’s morning radio commentary – heard on hundreds of stations around the nation.

Hello Americans, I’m Todd Starnes. Stand by for news and commentary next. 

Federal Judge Kathryn Mizelle is an American hero — ruling that the CDC had overstepped its authority by forcing airline passengers to mask up.

Because the CDC acted beyond its authority, “the court must hold unlawful and set aside the mask mandate as an agency action that is not in accordance with law,” she wrote in her decision.

Her 59-page decision applies to all airports, train stations and other transportation hubs. 

“The C.D.C. issued the mandate in February 2021, almost two weeks after the president called for a mandate, 11 months after the president had declared Covid-19 a national emergency, and almost 13 months since the secretary of health and human services had declared a public health emergency,” she noted. “This history suggests that the C.D.C. itself did not find the passage of time particularly serious.”

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Reporters asked the White House press secretary whether the president would abide by the ruling. What a ridiculous question. It was stunning to hear professional journalists who were completely ignorant of how our Constitution works. 

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The news was met with great jubilation across and above the fruited plain. Videos on my website show passengers cheering and flight attendants weeping as they threw their masks in the trash. 

David Neeleman, the founder of JetBlue, told The New York Times that he was glad to see the mandate lifted. He said the airline industry was tired of having to police passengers.

“If the government can decide they can have the State of the Union address without masks, then we certainly should be able to let people have that choice on an airplane,” he said.

This chapter of our long national nightmare is finally over – at least for now. But we must remain vigilant.

And don’t believe the Mainstream Media’s narrative that President Biden agreed to lift the mandate. He was forced to the lift the mandate.

Just remember on Election Day that it was a federal judge appointed to the bench by President Trump who liberated this great nation from Joe Biden’s mask police. 

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