Texas Middle School Encourages Students to Protest During School Sanctioned ‘Queer Week’

Texas middle schoolers were encouraged to protest, dress up in rainbow colors, share and wear their pronouns as part of “Queer Week.”

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Should schools hold "Queer Week" events for kids?

As tensions between woke school districts and concerned parents continue to increase across the country, Miller Middle School in San Marcos Texas hosted the controversial “Queer Week” where students were instructed to protest “harassment” of LGBTQ people in schools.

According to a newsletter sent out by the school’s principal, the event began on Tuesday, April 19th with students sharing their stories of discrimination on the wall in the hallway.

On Wednesday, the students were encouraged to wear rainbow colors to school “to support the LGBTQ+ community.”

Thursday was “Pronoun Day” and In these exercises, the middle school students were encouraged to wear name tags with their “preferred pronouns.”

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“National Day of Silence” was the final day where the students were instructed to join the protest. “LGBTQ+ students and their allies protest the harmful effects of harassment and discrimination of LGBTQ people in schools,” the activity said.

According to the Federalist, the school’s principal justified the event by saying the activities “are completely voluntary and will not be included as part of any lesson or instruction being provided.”

This comes just less than one month after The Texas Tribune reported that Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, wrote a direct letter to another school district hosting a “pride week” saying, “The Texas Legislature has made it clear that when it comes to sex education, parents—not school districts—are in charge.”

In the letter, Paxton references a state law that requires parents to permit their child to participate in sex education programs after being notified of the contents of the curriculum.

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