Trump Warns Feds Could Use Monkeypox to Bring Back Mail-in Ballots

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TODD: [00:36:24] Okay. This story from Breitbart. This is the actual headline. The United Nations scolds homophobic and racist monkeypox coverage. Now, what do they mean by that? Because I’m just I’m I’m stunned. This is the first I’m hearing that people have been anti-gay and anti black because of using the term monkeypox, which is now spreading at a pretty steady clip across the world. By the way, you folks on Florida, there’s a report now, monkey pox showing up in Florida. According to Breitbart, the United Nations AIDS agency called UNAIDS denounced some reporting of the monkeypox virus as racist and homophobic.

So this is why it’s homophobic. The reporters, the journalists are actually saying that most of the cases have been among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men. And they’re saying that that kind of reporting is homophobic. Now, it just seems to me and again, it’s I don’t know, I’ve just been I’ve been blessed by almighty God with a healthy dose of common sense. But let’s just let’s just step back for a second. If you’ve got a bunch of white people and the white people come down with the China virus. All right. And the reporting is that, you know, that a large number of white heterosexuals let’s add white heterosexual, a large number of white heterosexuals have come down with the China virus. Would you not want to include that in your reporting so that you could be alert, be aware. Does that make you somehow hetero phobic? Does it make you anti white? No, I don’t think so. That just seems like common sense to me. You’ve got monkey pox going on out there and most of the people coming down with it are from a certain demographic of people that’s not condemning that demographic of people just saying, hey, heads up, beware. And by the way, by the way, though, the term monkey and that’s why people are going bonkers over this. Monkeypox was named monkeypox because the original pox was found in a monkey back in the 1950s. Has nothing to do with anything else. But you know what? Here in critical race theory, America, everything is racist, including apparently monkeypox.

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