Ukrainians Vacation at Beach While Americans Fund Their War

The following is a transcript of Todd’s morning commentary – heard daily on hundreds of radio stations around the nation.

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The Daily Mail published a story the other day about Ukrainians flocking to the beach to enjoy summer vacation. \

The story included photographs of a packed beach in Kyiv and families strolling along a promenade. People swimming, playing volleyball. 

It was something of a surreal scene — seeing how Ukraine is in the middle of a war with Russia. 

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Their country has been invaded. Yet instead of fighting back the invaders — Ukrainians are soaking up the summer sun. 

In the early days of the war the Biden Administration told Americans that we must step up to the plate and defend Ukraine. We were told to make personal sacrifices. Which – in fact – many of us did. 

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We sent over more than $40 billion in cash and weaponry to wage what has become proxy war with the Russians. 

I’ve always had a weird feeling about this war — something just doesn’t add up. 

Americans are funding the war and fighting the war while Ukrainians vacation at the beach. 

I’m Todd Starnes