White Students CAN’T Be Discriminated Against, School District Argues

A school district in Wisconsin made an illegal statement on racial discrimination against a white student, according to a Milwaukee-based law firm.

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Can only black students be victims of discrimination?

The district claimed white students are “not a member of any class that is legally protected from discrimination by state or federal law,” according to a statement obtained by the Daily Caller.

The mother of a girl that was allegedly racially discriminated against filed a complaint with the school district.

Tanya Fredrich, assistant superintendent of Elmbrook Schools, investigated the claim from the parent and made the assertion that the white student doesn’t have the same rights as other races.

“To the contrary, the student’s race, sexual orientation and socio-economic status are what are considered to be the majority status and thus do not form a basis for claiming that the student is being treated or has been treated less favorably than persons not in the protected class,” Fredrich’s complaint response said.

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The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) spoke out against this in a letter:

“Not only is this both legally and factually wrong, but it is frankly shocking that a public educational institution could hold such a view.”

“There is no such thing as a ‘protected class’ in the sense that some races are protected while others are not,” the WILL letter continued. “Black and brown students do not have different rights; they have identical rights to white students and must be treated identically to white students.”

The child who was allegedly discriminated against is battling depression, according to her mom, who has been attending school board meetings and advocating for her daughter.

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