Woke Hispanics Get Tacos in a Twist Over Bar’s Cinco de Mayo Bash

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It’s all tacos and tequila on Cinco de Mayo. 

There’s lots of controversy across the fruited plain. 

In new York, the Mexican community protested a local bar, television station News 12 Long Island reported.

The Off Key Tikki Bar posted what some say was an offensive promotional message.

“Join us for a little taste of Mexico – might as well before the whole country immigrates here,” the advertising flyer read.

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Funny, right? And somewhat truthful, too.

Hispanic leaders, however, say it was offensive – and called for a boycott.

“There was a time when our community was silent. We are silent no more,” Assemblyman Phil Ramos told the television station. “There is no way that we can spin this any other way than offensive.”

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The bar’s owner tried to explain it was just a fun and clever advertising message, but he soon learned that the Cancel Culture mob has no sense of humor.

“I’ve been besides myself since this started,” owner Michael Bruemmer told News 12 Long Island. “Like I said, the comment was an offhand joke. Obviously, I wrote it before I thought. I certainly did not mean to offend anybody. That was not my intention.”

I say it’s high time we address the egregious act of cultural appropriation. 

So let’s get both sides to sit down together and share a delicious meal of Gorditas and Chalupas.

I’m sure there’s a Taco Bell right around the corner. 

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