Yellowstone to Rename ‘Offensive’ Peak

The National Park Service announced last week America’s oldest national park will rename a peak memorializing a historic soldier and explorer.

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Formerly known as “Mount Doane,” First Peoples Mountain stands roughly two miles east of Yellowstone Lake.

According to Fox News, the U.S. Board of Geographic Names voted in a 15-0 decision to disassociate the peak with explorer Gustavus C. Doane who led the first official exploration of the landscape that would become Yellowstone National Park.

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The Board’s decision comes in light of a controversial battle in which Doane led an attack on a band of Piegan Blackfeet because of their alleged responsibility for the death of a white fur-trader.

“During what is now known as the Marias Massacre, at least 173 American Indians were killed, including many women, elderly Tribal members and children suffering from smallpox,” the agency wrote. “Doane wrote fondly about this attack and bragged about it for the rest of his life.”

Do you agree with the decision to rename Mount Doane?

Fox News also reported that the new name resulted from recommendations of the Rocky Mountain Tribal Council.

Additionally, Yellowstone National Park consulted 27 tribes associated with the massacre and received no negative feedback on the new name.

Moving forward, the park said that it will examine other names and make changes to those that are “derogatory” or “inappropriate.”

The renaming of Mount Doane comes after a proposal by the Department of the Interior (DOI) in March to rename 660 mountains and rivers on federal land to remove racist words and references.

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