Teen Preacher Speaks Out After Arrest at Drag Event

The Christian man arrested for reading the Bible on a public sidewalk outside an “all ages” drag queen event in Watertown, Wisconsin spoke out at a city council meeting this week.

Marcus Schroeder, who is part of the group Warriors for Christ, told them he was protesting “drag queens twerking on kids in lingerie,” calling it “unacceptable.”

Do you support the young preacher?

“We can have our disagreements but there comes a time when we have to understand we are all going to stand before God one day and we’re going to have to give an account for what we have done with the children in our society, the innocent minds and the children who deserve to be protected,” Schroeder said.

He was arrested Saturday while he was evangelizing at the “Pride in the Park” along with three others part of his group that shares the gospel.

“All I did was read from Scripture on the sidewalk,” he said. I was reading a passage from the Bible about love, and I was arrested. No reason, not giving any warning, not told anything about my amplification needing to be turning down. I was arrested and taken into custody simply for reading the Bible on the sidewalk.”


National radio host Todd Starnes criticized Gov. Tony Evers (D) for supporting the drag queens but not the Christians.

“Grown men dressed in sexually provocative outfits were allowed to groom children in a city park while Christian teenagers were arrested for reading the Bible and preaching the Gospel,” Starnes said in his News & Commentary.

He praised Schroeder for his bold move, noting his shirt said, “I will stand for truth even if I stand alone.”

“Let’s hope that other Christians around the nation will heed that call and muster the courage to stand,” Starnes said. “And we can start by calling the Watertown Wisconsin Police Department to find out why they are arresting Christian teenagers.”



Schroeder doubled down on his actions after he was released with a warning Saturday. The officers gave him two citations: amplification without a permit and resisting arrest, which Schroeder denies.

“It was worth it,” he told the local media. “It’s actually an honor to be counted worthy to stand with the cloud of witnesses who have gone before us and been arrested for the sake of spreading Christ and his kingdom.”

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