Youth Counselor Urged Teen Not to Press Charges Against Black Teacher

A sexual assault survivor was told by a psychologist in California not to go to authorities because her attacker was black, The Daily Wire reports. Click here to read Todd’s daily newsletter – covering America First news.

The woman, who was sexually assaulted as a teen and identified as Maria, told the outlet Dr. Jennifer Freed, the co-founder of AHA! Santa Barbara, allegedly said his arrest could lead to “over-incarceration” of black men.

Freed’s group has a program called “social-emotional learning (SEL)” which has been embraced by the Left in public schools. Critics argue it puts liberal policies over children’s emotional health and well-being.

Maria alleged Matef Harmachis, a black nationalist and socialist teacher, grabbed her butt and nibbled on her ear when she was just 17 at Santa Barbara High School.

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“I was very scared of Jennifer because she’s very persistent in getting what she wants. She said I will feel better if I talk to him and do a restorative approach instead of going to authorities,” she told The Daily Wire. “I think it’s really inappropriate for a licensed psychologist to say that to a victim a week after they’ve been assaulted by someone in authority. That really harmed me.”

Despite Freed’s lecture, Maria reported the assault.

The teacher was arrested and sentenced for a misdemeanor battery in 2017, the Santa Barbara Independent reports. It was eventually dismissed, but Harmachis was officially terminated by the school in 2020 and his teaching credentials were revoked by the state. The school settled a nearly $1 million settlement with Maria.

“I have never seen a case where a school district ignored so many red flags and allowed a dangerous individual to have unfettered access to vulnerable students,” Maria’s attorney, Morgan Stewart, said at the time.

Freed said she did not even know of Harmachis nor pressured Maria to drop charges.

Maria told The Daily Wire she suspects Freed lied about her connection because Harmachi’s wife, Diane Fujino, is an ethnic studies professor that sits on the board of directors on a group that contributes money to AHA! Santa Barbara’s programs.

Maria also alleged that Freed pressured her to be sexually active, especially with women, even though she was straight.

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