24 Hour Fitness: U.S. Flag Logos Only Allowed on Holidays

A popular fitness center has embraced a radical transgender bathroom policy and has banned staff from wearing apparel adorned with American flags and U.S. logos.

“We’ve committed to creating a more inclusive environment at 24 Hour Fitness,” read a memorandum obtained by Libs of TikTok, “recognizing that we have work to do to become stronger allies in support of those who are impacted by systemic oppression and inequality.”


The company’s “Equality Support” rules state that patriotic symbols can only be worn on certain holidays like Memorial Day and July 4.

24 Hour Fitness also blasted Christians and others who might object to men sharing locker rooms with innocent little girls.

“A member’s or team member’s religious beliefs do not trump a transgender member’s or team member’s right to equal and full access to the club, which includes using the locker room and rest room of their choice,” read the internal company memorandum.

Staffers are not allowed to ask patrons to share identification documents proving their gender.

“Requiring a transgender person to use a specific facility is not only a denial of equal access but also may violate the person’s right to privacy. Transgender includes non-binary members and team members. Non-binary describes someone who does not identify exclusively as male or female. For the purposes of this policy, this is inclusive of those members and team members that identify as non-binary, the memorandum stated.

“Within this context, we trust and look to our team members to ensure your choices align with our values and uphold our commitment to serving all communities,” the company said.

However, staffers are allowed to wear gay pride and black lives matter apparel 365 days a year.

“To create a healthy, happy world within our clubs and other spaces, we support our team members bringing their full selves to work every day, including their freedom of expression,” the company said in a statement.

However, 24 Hour Fitness believes those of you who love America and know your preferred pronouns should leave your full selves at home instead of going to pilates class.

Should 24 Hour Fitness staffers be allowed to wear patriotic gear?

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