7-year-old Trump Supporter in Tears After Thugs Steal his MAGA Hat

A video emerged Thursday night that purportedly shows two Joe Biden supporters in Delaware confronting a 7-year-old and his mother over their pro-Trump gear that included a MAGA hat.


The Daily Caller identified the mother as Abbey Wigton who took to Twitter to post the video that she claimed showed the women take “the sign from my arms and assaulted my seven year old son. The Joe Biden supporters laid hands on my child and ripped his ‘Make America Great Again’ hat from his head while curing at him and pushing him over.”


The alleged incident took place in a parking lot in Wilmington, Del., and got the attention of Donald Trump Jr., who tweeted that the boy’s sign was damaged and asked for the community to identify the two women in the video.

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The news site reported that Wigton said she was repeatedly punched in the face when she attempted to retrieve the hat and the pair tossed the hat over a fence at a construction site and they were unable to retrieve it. Trump Jr said the hat would be replaced.

Calls from ToddStarnes.com to a phone number provided by the Wilmington Police Department went unanswered. The conservative news website said police are investigating a report of “offensive touching.”

Benny Johnson, the chief creative officer for Turning Point USA, asked if Biden, who has largely avoided talking about violent street protests, would condemn the video.  Johnson said the boy named Riley got a phone call from the White House.

Johnson also called out social media users who questioned why a 7-year-old would be out supporting the president.

“If you cannot condem (sp) this—you are truly lost,” Johnson wrote.

Critics point to the Democrat Party and its peripheral support of the violent anarchists in major cities rioting over alleged police brutality and racial discrimination. The topic was avoided during the Democratic National Convention despite being a major issue in the country.

“Can you imagine if Trump supporters did this to a 7-year-old boy and his mom?” Charlie Kirk, a co-founder from Turning Point USA. “The activist media would be enraged! Why are they ignoring this??”

Wigton told the Daily Caller that the incident is why she will be voting for Trump in November.

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