9/11 Memorial Desecrated in New York Village

A memorial honoring five firefighters who died during the Muslim terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 was desecrated in Washingtonville, New York.

The park was vandalized and an American flag was cut down. Vandals also scribbled something on the flag pole, but police declined to disclose the message. A nearby Catholic church was also targeted.

Five firefighters from the small village lost their lives in the terrorist attacks and the memorial park is a beloved part of the community.

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“It brought tears to my eyes because I lost a lot of friends, and it’s still hurting,” first responder Renaldo Robledo told News 12.

“They picked the wrong village here for this to happen,” says Mayor Joseph Bucco told the television station.

Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, a Republican, denounced the attacks.

“Evil and hate targeted our community last night,” he said in a statement. “The depraved desecration of the Washingtonville 9-11 Memorial and St. Mary’s Parish Center is indefensible.”

The assemblyman said he was disgusted by the vandalism.

“We will never reach a point where it is acceptable in this country to tear down memorials to our 9-11 heroes or disrupt places of worship,” he said. “The person or persons responsible must face the full force of law and swift punishment.”

Police are offering a $5,500 reward and the FBI is reportedly investigating.