Airlines to Remove Offensive Terms Like ‘Cockpit’

The world’s largest union representing airline pilots has officially gone woke.

The Air Line Pilots Association International has fully embraced a diversity, equity and inclusion language guide, Fox News reports.

“Inclusive language in communications is essential to our union’s solidarity and collective strength and is an important factor in maintaining flight safety,” the guide states. “The purpose of this language guide is to offer examples of terms and phrases that promote inclusion and equity.”

The union represents some 70,000 pilots worldwide.

They want to banish all “masculine generalizations” that are considered non-inclusive to be removed from cockpits. And that starts with the word “cockpit.”

The union recommended replacing the word “cockpit” with “flight deck” because some female pilots may take offense.

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Words like manpower, husband, boyfriend, and masculine terms like “guys” should also be avoided so as not to offend transgender people and pilots with other gender identities.

Fox News also reports that pilots were advised against using “mother/father.” That phrasing could alienate “different family structures, such as grandparents as caregivers, same-sex parents,” among others. Similarly, “husband/wife” and “boyfriend/girlfriend” should be avoided since the phrases could ignore same-sex couples.

According to language expert Ben Zimmer, the term “cockpit” originated from cockfighting in 16th century England. It was meant to convey a boisterous and tense atmosphere. Which no doubt these new woke policies are creating in cockpits across the airline industry.

In the early days of the airline industry, air carriers were more concerned about hiring pilots who could fly jetliners. But in the 21st Century, the airline industry is focused on filling cockpits with non-binary pansexuals. Pardon me. I meant flight decks.

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Do you find the word "cockpit" offensive?

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