ANGRY ATHEISTS! Live Nativity Scene Dropped From Grade School Christmas Show

It wasn’t the Grinch who stole Christmas – it was the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Boys and girls at Chisholm Elementary School will no longer be allowed to take part in a live nativity scene during the school’s annual “holiday” show.

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“After a thorough examination of the content of this year’s program, discussions with Chisholm administrators and parents, and on advice from counsel, changes were made to ensure the program’s content celebrates and respects the religious practices, customs, and traditions of the season while meeting the current legal standards,” district officials told television station KOCO.

Edmond Public Schools officials dropped Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus after they received a threatening letter from the FFRF, a Wisconsin-based gang of notorious atheists, agnostics and free-thinkers.


“Teaching students the biblical story of the birth of Jesus and having them regularly rehearse a performance of that story entangles the school with the Bible’s devotional message,” FFRF attorney Christopher Line wrote. “Such a performance would be appropriate in a church setting, but not in a public school.”

The aggrieved atheists said the live nativity scene violated the U.S. Constitution.

“Please note that including a live nativity performance in a school’s holiday concert remains illegal even if participation in the nativity scene is ‘voluntary,'” the attorney wrote.

Atheists around the nation were overjoyed by the school district’s announcement that the Little Lord Jesus had been given the heave-ho.

“That’s a very formal way to say ‘Our lawyers told us our asses would be sued if we promoted the Bible during the concert, and we don’t want to be sued, so we’ll just sing ‘Jingle Bells.’ Are we good now?'” atheist Hemant Mehta wrote.

Jeremy Dys, an attorney with First Liberty Institute, denounced the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s bullying tactics.

“It’s a wonder any school district takes these complaints seriously when the organization that disguises their anti-religious allegations as constitutional violations takes out full page ads in the New York Times and buys national television ads that mock religion. Not only have they forgotten what the Constitution means, they even deny the historical reality of Christmas,” Dys told the Todd Starnes Show. 

Did you ever imagine you would live in a nation where it is against the law to celebrate the birth of Christ?

“Public school teachers encouraging students to re-enact a biblical story is inherently coercive,” FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor declared in a written statement. “It is even more concerning when the students involved are young and especially impressionable elementary schoolers.”

There’s really no polite way to describe the kind of evil that exists in this world — an evil that would propel godless goons to bully school children for celebrating the Reason for the Season.

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