As for Prince Harry and the Mrs. – We Should Celebrate Whenever Anyone is Able to Get Off Public Welfare

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It seems as though the entire nation is consumed with what the British are calling the Megxit.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle haave announced their intention to step down from their official duties as royals.

They plan to spend half their time in the UK and the other half in Canada.

I thought our Founding Fathers fought a war to not care about the British monarchy so why is this such a big deal on this side of the Big Pond?

Anyway, the tabloids say Meghan is adamant about leaving the Royal Family – and as for Harry – well it’s clear the Mrs. sits on the throne in that relationship.

Queen Elizabeth released a statement supporting their decision, noting they no longer want to reliant on public funds.

So Prince Harry is about to go out and get a real job. It seems to me this should be a time of great jubilation for the British taxpayers.

We should celebrate whenever anyone is able to get off public welfare.