BAG BAN: New York Shopkeepers Face Hundreds of Dollars in Fines for Using Plastic Bags

New York’s ban on plastic bags has gone into effect and the only people who seem to be happy about it are Democrats and tree-huggers.

Retailers who violate the law could face as much as $250 in fines per violation. Violations after that in the same calendar year will carry a penalty of $500. The state has agreed to wait until April 1 to implement the fines.

Shoppers will now be charged five cents per paper bag. I snapped the photo below in my local market in Brooklyn.

“We only have one chance to save our planet,” Comrade Bill de Blasio said. “Reducing the use of plastic bags will help us create a more sustainable city.”

This is why so many people are leaving the Empire State. People are disgusted by Democrats telling them how to live their lives and run their businesses.

And the legal system is a complete joke.

Criminals are being given free baseball tickets if they show up for court dates while grocery store owners face fines for packing our groceries in plastic bags.

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