Beth Moore Blasts Iowa Trump Voters

Lady Preacher Beth Moore, who suffered a psychotic episode of Trump Derangement Syndrome, is really upset with all of you Republican voters in Iowa.

Moore, who has embraced the teachings of wokevangelicalism, posted a lengthy diatribe on her social media platform casting stones at Christian Trump supporters.


Sobered by last night and trying to practice what people call radical acceptance, not of a presidential candidate because surprising things happen. Just plainly sobered by the thought that, with other individuals to choose from, masses of people still hail Trump. He’s what they actually want in a leader. A bully. A verbally abusive, artfully and purposely divisive bully who has all but left the Republican Party unrecognizable. I don’t know. I just can’t understand it. Maybe I’ve got a mental block. But, you who are staunch Republicans, why don’t you care about your own party more than that? Forgive me. I don’t want to be a repeat performance of my 2016 self. I don’t. I didn’t like her anymore than you did. I intend to deal differently with this. I do not intend to get obsessed. I do not intend to lose more relationships. I don’t intend to talk about this regularly. As the Scriptures say, I want to seek peace and pursue it. I want to be a person of kindness, love and compassion. But I’ve got to move to a place of radical acceptance. It was one thing to cast a vote for a party’s only candidate, reasoning the choice as the lesser of two evils. This is quite another thing. This is wide-open-eyed, “we WANT Trump!” Anyway, this is where we are. We can complain all we want about our leaders but, in this government by the people, at the end of the day and the beginning of November, our candidates are mirrors of ourselves.

Beth Moore

She also posted this screed:

It’s past time to learn to distinguish between the term evangelicals as a political sect and evangelistic people who preach Christ and only Christ and believe to their bones he’s the single solitary Savior of the world and the totality of all Christianity has and needs to thrive. Count me among the latter.

Beth Moore

While Mrs. Preacher Moore clearly has her clerical robes in a twist over Trump, it’s hard to find any such criticism directed at former President Barack Obama or current President Joe Biden. If you find such evidence, please send me a note and I will update this post.

Mrs. Preacher Moore would do well to remember that the Holy Bible is filled with stories of flawed men and women who were used by God to do incredible things. And clearly, God has done mighty things through Christians in this great nation.

Something tells me the outrage coming from liberal Christians has less to do with Jesus and more to do with old-fashioned politics.

Can you still be a Christian and support President Trump?

That being said, this notion that Christians who vote for President Trump or fly Old Glory outside their church houses are a bunch of heathen nationalists is horse dung.

Wokevangelicals should put down the stones and pick up their Bible. They might learn a thing or two about sinners saved by grace.

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