BIDEN’S AMERICA: Gas Hits Nearly $7 per Gallon in Virginia

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Gas prices in the Commonwealth of Virginia reached as much as $6.99 per gallon as the state’s governor declared an emergency.

Colonial Pipeline said Wednesday it has restarted operations after being hit by a cyberattack last week, leading to long lines at gas stations in the Southeast, but said it will take “several days” for its delivery supply chain to return to normal.  

The pipeline, which delivers about 45% of the East Coast’s gas, suffered a ransomware attack — leading to distribution problems and panic-buying, draining supplies at thousands of gas stations. 

“I pulled in, I start pumping my gas and then I realized I put $80 worth in my truck,” another driver told TV station 8News. “The lady next to me said she put $100 in her car. She just started crying because she said her car don’t take that much.”