Boy Scouts Go WOKE with ‘White Anti-Racism’

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Boy Scouts of America (BSA), which allows girls, is now going even more to the Left with a new “diversity, equity, and inclusion” requirement.

The Scouts announced a new merit badge, developed by BSA’s Office of Diversity and Youth Development Office, called “Citizenship in Society” that will be required for the rank of Eagle Scout in July 2022.

“While the content that’s openly advertised to children remains rather tame, the content for the adults who’ll be guiding Scouts through the process reveals the radicalism of the ideologies of those who worked to make this a requirement for prospective Eagle Scouts,” Spencer Lindquist, a former Eagle Scout, wrote in The Federalist.

In the “Resources” section of the official Merit Badge Counselor Guide, adults are encouraged to look at the “White Anti-Racism: Living the Legacy” transcription of an interview diving into CRT.

National radio host Todd Starnes weighed in on the story Monday.

“Scouts of color don’t really have to do anything to gain merit badges,” Starnes said. “The white scouts will be forced to turn over their own merit badges as a form of reparations.”

They are also given an “All My Relations” podcast with suggested episodes such as “Indigiqueer,” “Decolonizing Sex,” and “Celebrate Indigenous Peoples, Not Columbus.”

And, of course, there is “unconscious bias” training.

But BSA pushed back against the accusation that the organization is indoctrinating Scouts with CRT-themed materials.

“The merit badge does not advocate for a particular point of view, but rather encourages Scouts to learn about diversity and inclusion and ethical leadership through self-exploration, research and exercises with their merit badge counselor, parents and peers,” BSA told The Federalist. “The ideals and values of diversity, equity and inclusion are core to who we are at BSA. Our values as stated in the Scout Oath and Scout Law encourage Scouts to respect the beliefs of others, to be kind and courteous, and to help other people at all times.”

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