BREAKING: Liz Cheney Says She Was Wrong to Oppose Gay Marriage

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Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said tonight on 60 Minutes that her previous opposition to same-sex marriage was wrong.

“I was wrong. I was wrong,” Cheney told 60 Minutes journalist Leslie Stahl.

Stahl appeared to be stunned and said she had not expected Cheney to repent of her previous beliefs. Watch the interview below.

Lesley Stahl: Your sister’s gay. She’s married. She has children. And in 2013 you came out against same-sex marriage while your father went the other way. And it was looked upon as courageous when he did that. How do you defend what you did?

Liz Cheney: I was wrong. I was wrong. I love my sister very much. I– love– her family very much. And– and– and I was wrong. It’s a very personal issue– and very personal for my family. I– believe that my dad was right. And my sister and I have had that conversation. 

Lesley Stahl: Wow, I was not expecting that. 

Liz Cheney: This– this is an issue that we have to recognize you know, as, as human beings that we need to work against discrimination of all kinds in our country, in our state. We were at, at an event a few nights ago and, and there was a young woman who said, she doesn’t feel safe sometimes because she’s transgender. And nobody should feel unsafe. Freedom means freedom for everybody.

CBS 60 Minutes