Broadway Star Billy Porter Blames USA’s Troubles on “Whiteness”

Billy Porter, the Broadway star, blasted President Trump and white people during an interview with Vanity Fair on social justice.

“The reason why our country is in the mess we’re in is simply because of whiteness. White supremacy. White people choke-holding power and sucking the life out of humanity,” he told the leftist magazine.

“Orangina 45, that cancer that is in our White House, has been handed the power, without consequence, to have his hate metastasize all over the people,” he hissed, referring to the president. “Why are we not talking about figuring out how to remove this monster from the highest office in the land right now! ’Cause we might not be alive come November. And this is not hyperbole.”

Now, that sounds like something a racist would say — and that’s not hyperbole.

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