MASK MADNESS: Bus Driver Slaps 10-Year-Old Over Her Face Covering

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A Colorado school bus driver is behind bars after admitting to slapping a 10-year-old girl after her mask slipped below her nose.

Face masks have been a heated topic, especially in recent weeks. With the coronavirus vaccine now readily available to almost anyone who wants it, many parents are opposed to their children still wearing the masks all day in school.

The incident had been under investigation for weeks. The driver, Bertram Jaquez, has now been arrested and faces charges of child abuse causing injury, third degree assault and harassment.

The student wrote a letter to the school district describing the incident, and it can be read here. The girl described that the mask made her feel sick, so that’s why she shifted it below her nose. When she didn’t comply, that’s when the driver slapped her.

Jaquez has been fired from his position and KKTV reported that he released a written statement that said “Out of reaction, I slapped her once.”