C-SPAN Caller Threatens Bloodshed Against Trump Supporters

A Democrat caller told C-SPAN this weekend suggested that the murder of a black supporter of President Trump should serve as a warning to Trump supporters and federal agents.

Bernell Trammell was gunned down in Milwaukee outside of his office.

“This morning a Trump supporter was killed. Was shot and killed in a drive-by in Milwaukee. I don’t know if you got that news,” the caller said. “But the people in Milwaukee are waiting for those troops to come in because they got weapons and there’s gonna be a lot of bloodshed when they come. So that’s all I got to say.”

Trump supporter Boris Epshteyn was stunned by the threat.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Now you have people on our air threatening our lives,” he said.

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Instead of addressing the issue, the C-SPAN anchor ignored the threat.

Let’s go to Chris,” the anchor said.

Epshteyn objected and interrupted the host.

“You just had a caller who said shooting Trump supporters is right,” he said. “Anybody who is a Democrat or an Independent should listen to what that gentlemen just said and realize where the Democrats are in this country.”