Can You Spot the Transgender Beauty Queen Winner?

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The next Miss America contestant from New Hampshire could actually be a dude. 

Brian Nguyen was crowned Miss Greater Derry — beating out a number of biological females for a crown, title and scholarship.

God created male and female. True or False?

It’s the first time in the 100-year history of the pageant that a transgender contestant has won a title in the Miss America organization. 

The Miss Greater Derry pageant is a preliminary event for the Miss New Hampshire pageant. 

Many critics noted that had the heavy-set young man been a woman he would have never won.

“A biological male and an overweight one at that has just won Miss Greater Derry in New Hampshire,” British beauty queen Leilani Dowding wrote on social media. “Brian who is not even a female name, caked in makeup, nothing like the pretty natural girls that entered the competition, has not only taken first place, they’ve taken away the chance for a female to have a scholarship and use that prize money for something towards her future.”

However, supporters say there’s no difference between men who think they are women and women who were actually born women. 

This is the sort of nonsense I wrote about in my book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation.”

The question is why the Miss America Organization allowed Mr. Nguyen to enter the competition in the first place. 

A federal court recently ruled that the Miss United States of America pageant was well within its rights to limit their contest to natural-born females. 

But as it now stands – the prettiest girl in New Hampshire is an overweight man. 

I’m Todd Starnes

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