CANCEL CULTURE: Food Truck Owner Apologizes For Selling Tacos to ICE Agents

A Buffalo, New York taco truck named Lloyd is at the center of a controversy after they served workers at a federal detention center for illegal aliens.

Supporters of illegal aliens took great offense and demanded to know why “Lloyd” was feeding ICE workers.

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The correct response would’ve been to explain that as a private business – they serve everyone – regardless of political affiliation.

But that’s not what they did – instead Lloyd apologized.

“We made an honest mistake by serving lunch at the federal detention facility in Batavia,” the company wrote on Twitter. “We’re sorry.”

They’re sorry for selling tacos to law-abiding American citizens trying to secure our borders?

Then came the second wave of backlash: Why was a food truck was apologizing for serving workers on their lunch break? ICE Buffalo Field Office Director Thomas Feeley went so far as to call it discrimination against the facility workers.
“We are doing our jobs, enforcing the laws passed by Congress. Just like we have for many presidents,” ICE Buffalo Field Office Director Thomas Feeley told CNN in a statement. “We will not apologize for doing this, not even to a food truck that now chooses to discriminate against us.”

It’s pathetic pandering, said state Sen. Rob Ortt.

“In what world does a company feel the need to apologize for serving food to federal law enforcement officers who work in dangerous conditions,” the senator wrote on Twitter. “The men and women who work to enforce our immigration laws and protect us deserve better.”

Instead of standing up to the un-American mob, Lloyd ran for the border.

And then, they apologized for their apology. It’s too much, folks.

The lesson here is to never give in to the cancel culture mob – otherwise you may end up with a bad case of indigestion.

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