CANCEL CULTURE: Mutual of Omaha Dumps Longtime Logo

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Another iconic brand has fallen to the Cancel Culture Mob.

Mutual of Omaha –  the insurance people – announced they will abandon their longtime logo to address racial equality and social justice.

The head of a Native American chief had been the logo of the company for 70 years.

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James Blackledge – the chief executive officer – told the chief was a symbol of strength and respect. But the insurance company was using a symbol from another culture that was not theirs.

So their new logo is a lion – a nod to the company’s longtime sponsorship of Wild Kingdom. Remember Marlin Perkins? Jim Fowler?

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The logo features a lion gazing forward to evoke the company’s role in looking out on the horizon. Mutual of Omaha also says the lion symbolizes safety for their customers.

Wait a minute. Lions are carnivores. They eat humans.

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