Child Holds Bake Sale to Pay for Father’s Funeral

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The following is a transcript of Todd’s morning radio commentary.

Hello Americans. I’m Todd Starnes with news and commentary next. 

Kaylei Miller is a fourth grader. Nine years old. She loved to spend time with her dad in the family’s kitchen. They made brownies together and cookies — all sorts of sugary sweets. 

The other day, Kaylei’s dad was killed in a car accident. He was just 35-years-old. A blue collar man. Worked hard to put food on the table. His unexpected death put the family in a financial tailspin. 

“I just wanted to raise money so we could have a funeral for my dad,” the child told Eyewitness News.

So Kaylei decided to do the only thing she knew how to do. She put together a bake sale. 


The nine-year-old set up shop outside the Dairy Queen in Farndale, Kentucky. Word spread across town and soon folks pulled up in their pickup trucks forking over big dollars for Kaylei’s brownies and cookies.

“It’s amazing that the community came together in a time of need from hearing Kaylei’s story and just wanting to help from all over,” Shalena Barton, the little girl’s aunt told the television station. “Just like her daddy. She’s an entrepreneur. He was all about making money and doing whatever it took to take care of his family.”

One sweet couple bought two chocolate chip cookies for a thousand dollars. 

Kaylie’s mom was astounded by the outpouring of support – but that’s what folks around Farndale. How sweet it is. 

Click here to donate to Kaylei’s GoFundMe page.

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