CNN Pundit Likens President Trump to Klansman

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CNN pundit Richard Painter unleashed a nasty attack on President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“The oath of loyalty is to the United States of America, not to Donald Trump,” Painter said. “These senators, Democrats and Republicans have an obligation to hear the facts, to hear witnesses, and make a decision.”

Painter then slammed McConnell for saying he was working with the White House — invoking the KKK.


“He may think he’s a judge impaneling an all-white jury for a Klansman trial in Mississippi in 1965. That’s not the kind of trial we have,” the CNN pundit said.

Sen. Rick Santorum blasted Painter’s smear as “absurd.”

The CNN host failed to rebuke Mr. Painter’s disgusting insinuations — out of either woeful ignorance or intentional malice.

The truth is the Democrats were literally the party of the KKK. But the truth is irrelevant to those bloated dung beetles who run CNN.

If Anderson and Fredo and Lil’ Don want to have a discussion about politicians wearing white robes, perhaps they could broadcast a program about the life of the late Sen. Robert Byrd. Or maybe the could just invite the governor of Virginia to drop by the studio?