Coffee Chain Shuts Down after Baristas Unionize

A small Philadelphia coffee chain has brewed its last cup of joe.

OCF Coffee announced they are shutting down all three of their locations – this after the staff decided to unionize.

OCF had been in business for 13 years. They offered a great benefits package – health, dental and a matching 401K. But workers wanted more.

Now, they are all unemployed – more than 30 workers – and many are now demanding the owners reopen the shops.

“It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the closure of all three OCF Coffee House locations,” the company wrote on a social media post on Tuesday. “After 13 wonderful years of serving our beloved community, the time has come to say goodbye.”

The local union accused the coffee shop owners of retaliating against workers by shutting down.

“OCF workers took a courageous stand against a bully boss and slumlord to say that enough is enough and they demand better working conditions,” the union’s statement read. “In retaliation that same bully boss chose to shutter his operations, without even the grace of advance notice to his employees or managers, believing that closing his business will solve his current problem of pesky workers being empowered enough to dare to stand up for themselves. Feibush fails to understand that there is a movement behind these workers, the entire Philadelphia labor movement and our Joint Board as part of that larger whole, and this movement has a long memory.”

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