Coke Celebrates LGBTQIA Diversity in Super Bowl Ad

Coca-Cola’s new Super Bowl commercial celebrates the diversity of the LGBTQIA community — along with a special wink-wink, nod-nod to the non-binary/transgender crowd.

The commercial, which is scheduled to air during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game, includes a same-sex couple and a person who identifies with the pronoun “them.”

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports it may be the first time the soft drink giant has referred to a person in a major commercial with that pronoun.

“There’s a Coke for he … and she … and her … and me … and them,” the narrator says.

Coke spokeswoman Kate Hartman told AJC.com the company wasn’t seeking to overtly highlight any particular group. “People who are viewing it will take each scene and interpret it in a way that is unique to them.”

“It is supposed to be one positive message of inclusivity,” she told the newspaper.

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The LGBTIA (etc) community gave Coca-Cola’s “inclusive” Super Bowl commercial a thumb’s up.

  • “Coca-Cola’s amazing Super Bowl ad features a lesbian couple and a non-binary person,” declared PinkNews.com.
  • “Coca-Cola’s 2018 Super Bowl Ad Celebrates LGBT Americans,” wrote Advocate.com
  •  “Coca-Cola nods at LGBTQ diversity in their new Super Bowl Ad,” declared LGBTQ Nation.

There’s a high probability that parents might be faced with the awkward possibility of having to explain to their youngsters why the person in the Coca-Cola is neither a he nor a she but is in fact a “them.”

I recommend that moms and dads simply explain that these days political correctness trumps grammatical correctness.

Perhaps next year Coca-Cola will pay homage to all 72 genders – as identified by the scientists at Facebook. Nothing celebrates diversity quite like a two-spirit, pansexual, gender-fluid “they” slurping an icy cold Coke during the big game.

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